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Previously, chronological frameworks of this site were determined on the basis of relative chronology, according to stratigraphy of sediments, examination of metal finds, pottery and flint objects.The deposition depth of the analysed charcoals did not exceed 100 cm below ground level.According to the analysis, all the samples date to the time of the early Piasts’ dynasty.The obtained data have allowed for defining two chronological phases of the early medieval cemetery.Each time, the samples were bathed in deionised water to restore the neutral p H.

But the evidence for their existence isn't as clear-cut as we might hope.Radiocarbon dating was carried out so far on 8 samples, all of which were acquired from grave pits of the skeletal cemetery dating to the Early Medieval period (Figs. Dating of wood fragment and bones was carried out in Poznan Radiocarbon Laboratory.Charcoal samples were prepared by the AAA method (Acid – Alkali – Acid) to remove any impurities, first carbonate (treated with a hydrochloric acid solution), than the organic pollutants, humic acids (treated with a solution of sodium hydroxide) and at the end to remove an atmospheric carbon (CO), which could be absorbed by the samples during preparation (treated with hydrochloric acid again).Samples with higher ratios may have been contaminated with exogenous carbon and bones with lower ratios were prone to degradation.After analysis of the percent carbon content and C: N atomic ratio in bones, routine bone pretreatment procedure in the Poznań Radiocarbon Laboratory was applied (Brock C dating; M — material, W — wood, N, C — nitrogen and carbon percentage, given for bone samples; Lab code: Poz — sample dated with the AMS technique in the Poznan Radiocarbon Laboratory; calibration with Ox Cal v4.2.4 (Bronk Ramsey et al., 2013) and Int Cal13 atmospheric curve (Reimer et al., 2013).The obtained C measurements have confirmed previous findings concerning different cultures registered in the studied area, and additionally, they have helped to clarify chronology of the early medieval cemetery.