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Fred Mac Murray, did such a wonderful job as the father in this show.

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Praised by political allies for his knack for clicking with ordinary folks, Scheer is also a creature of Parliament Hill and a denizen of party backrooms.

Born and raised in Ottawa, and bilingual, he’s based in Regina, his wife’s hometown, where he cultivated deep support among Prairie-bred, Reform-rooted Conservatives.

When we get back up north, we’re going to get a new washer and dryer and get it shipped back to the island on the ferry because it only runs for one more week.

Reading that report from Romania, he recalled in a recent interview, fired his interest in politics in a new way.

Although trained as a teacher, he worked at the Citizen’s library for many years. Scheer says his father often called home from work after being asked a tricky research question by a reporter.

“He’d say, ‘Okay, Andrew, go down to the library, and on the second bookshelf by the window, open up such-and-such a book, first chapter, what does the line say?

A Catholic whose personal views win him credibility with his party’s social-conservative wing, he’s also firmly against letting abortion or same-sex marriage turn into active policy files again.

How Canadian voters interpret Scheer’s dissonances before the next federal election in 2019 has become a pressing question in federal politics. His mother, Mary, who died last spring at 73 during the Conservative leadership race, was a nurse.