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Configuration options for updating windows xp pro

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00504: ODBC fserr=1, fserrs=-13, Cannot access dictionary files.00675: Fserr=13 Unable to Open File, using the 32-Bit ODBC Driver and NFS Mount00305: Fserr=17 when connecting to a second datasource via the ODBC Driver and Data Server00585: ODBC Driver returns an fserr=19, fserrs=-5 when executing an SQL query00523: Error 77 or FSERR=5, FSERRS=-21 executing an SQL SELECT with an ORDER BY or GROUP BY clause00310: fserr=5, fserrs=-21 when connecting to a datasource via the ODBC Driver00551: State=S1000][Error=77][BASIS] [BASIS ODBC Driver] Execute() file sytem error: fserr=5 fserrs=-2100844: ODBC License Files and FLEXlm error -5 - Feature not Supported00331: fserr=61, fserr=-161 when connecting to a datasource via the ODBC Driver00563: [Basis Odbc Driver]SQL Syntax Err:1(#77) using MS Access - Can't Open Table in Data Sheet view00471: Busy/Timeout error with the ODBC Driver01019: ! Error: Symbol recycling detected (fix your scanner).)01210: Barista License Informaiton01096: BASIS Product Suite Installation Fails with "Wizard cannot continue" error when installing on Fedora Linux01110: BASIS Product Suite Throws "ISDatabase is unavailable" Exception at Beginning of Install00953: BBj admin wizard - Cannot Select the Basis License Manager - Unix01098: BBj Fails to Initialize on Fedora with SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux) Enabled00998: BBj hangs when starting and attempts to break out of the process cause a core dump01057: BBj IDE under Unix not showing BBj specific file associations00943: BBj Install - sh: There is not enough space in the file system.01040: BBj install fails immediately under Windows 01088: BBj revision 5 Install FAQ00975: BBj seems to be taking two licenses per system. 01208: How to assign a unique fid for WEB Start clients00918: How to check if BBj is branded correctly01230: How to Clear Java and Browser Cache for Web Applications01055: How to configure My SQL JDBC for use by BBj01185: How to enable WEBSTART client side logs01127: How to generate a result set to be retuned by a Stored Procedure using direct access to data files instead of SQL 01214: How to get a list of SPROCs from a BBj program01087: How to install BBj 5.001042: How to prevent the JRE from using the XP theme in BBj00929: How to resolve a FLEXlm error -1 with BBj products01074: How to sort a Java Hashtable01071: IDE is not showing BBx, PRO/5 or BBj file icons01069: Increasing performance in BBj01045: Information about pinning programs in BBj01183: Information regarding the types of Java Pid files00904: Install Anywhere Troubleshooting - BBj Install01116: Installing a newer revision of BBj on top of previous version without uninstalling may cause problems00902: Installing BBj 1.1, WJ View Error : Could not Execute01173: Instructions and sample JNLP to be used without a WEB Server01189: Java 1.6 Rel 10 experiencing slow repaint issue with MDI Children01140: Java Exception when changing Complier Settings in IDE01001: Known issues with Java JRE versions01220: Live Migration Cron Job Script for Virtual Licensing01216: Localization not displaying characters correctly in Window's title bar01172: Modification to BBj Web Start JNLP file to restrict Java versions01149: Multi-user installation of the BASIS IDE01104: Notes regarding Basis Advantage Article - " Open - a Sweet New Suite"01028: Order the file will be searched in BBj01194: Pro5 Rev 8 and BBj 8.3 on AIX requires Maintenance Level 701065: Registration and Installation of a Redundant BASIS License using the Admin tool in BBj00965: Running BBj consumes all available memory01039: Sample JDBC configuration for Informix JDBC01004: Setting the directory path where temporary files can be placed for SQL Query sorts01231: Sluggish or Unresponsive BBj Cross Look and Feel Applications00915: Special characters in place of the are written to the file upon exiting BEM for BBj 1.1001153: Stopping BBj without prompting for a user01175: The Uninstaller is Unable to Run in Graphical Mode01222: Trigger Code to Determine and Log Programs Used to Access Data01205: Troubleshooting BBj crashing01120: Two potential problems using a 1.4.2 jre under Fedora Core 3 or higher01209: User Authentication with WEB Start01023: Web Start Applet Does Not Have XP Look and Feel01232: What will USERS accept in terms of latency in an application?

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SYS drivers00696: Incorrect TIM being returned under Linux00758: Info(2,4) Now returns 4 byte value00565: Information and examples for printers, pipes, and spooling00207: Information on BBx PLOT00686: INODE can be reused if a large number of files exist under UNIX00639: Installation for the BASIS CD ROM disk00894: Installing PRO/5, " syntax error in /etc/default/lang file"00825: Instructions on upgrading to PRO5 REV 2.23 from PRO5 REV 2.10, 2.20, or 2.21 for Unix00002: Introduction to the Openport program00549: Linux console termcap entry00698: LLPlus Spooler and AIX ignoring Form Feed00019: Loading edit keys explained in detail00024: Loading function keys explained in detail00168: Lock of the header problem under Novell Ports00320: Manual: INFO function00321: Manual: SETOPTS function00716: Maximum length of the start program name under BBx00624: Maximum number of characters of the prefix line00066: Maximum value for COLS on a printer alias00048: Memory usage in called programs00027: Miscellaneous information on loading function and edit keys00783: Modes Available and Sample Code for TCP & UDP Sockets00026: More function key loading examples00819: Moving PRO/5 and the BLM after it's been installed.00136: Net Ware Client Kit optimizations and configurations for speed00154: Net Ware version of BBx hangs on invocation or Network Shell error00483: Notes on using the _FIX utility00015: OPENing a file takes a very long time00700: Possible installation and Activation Problems with PRO/5 2.0x under UNIX00502: Printer alias lines are restricted to writes only00577: Printing a graphic using all versions of PRO/500847: Printing directly to a port sometimes loses the last few lines of the report.00594: Printing to a device under UNIX results in a TCB(10)=-400219: Printouts to a direct Unix printer are missing the last few lines00664: PRO/5 ignores modes when the alias line is incorrect01053: PRO5 Rev 5 : error while loading shared libraries01052: Pro5 Rev 5, pro5 is no longer a executable under Unix00534: Problem printing a large file to the Unix print spooler00499: Problem with the ALL keyword and arrays in PRO/500214: Problem with the lockfile mode under Unix00028: Problems loading function keys under Unix00022: Program to print the file access count00887: Program to shrink MKEYED files by rewriting keys in non-sequential loop iteration.00365: Programs demonstrating SQL access to an ODBC-defined datasource00115: QEMM: fatal error:xms memory corrupted00619: file for PRO/5 rev 1.0500616: file for PRO/5 rev 1.0600711: REV 2.03 VPRO500077: Reading and writing to tape in a program00279: Reading or writing to tape via BBx or PRO/500018: Rebuilding corrupted MKEYED files00232: Remapping the arrow keys in the termcap file, using a Wyse 60 as an example00071: Removing extra form feeds when using a slave printer00196: Running a BBx application as a daemon with I/O redirection under Unix00545: Running BBx / PRO5 on multi-processor systems.00552: Sample code to pack and unpack decimal numbers into IBM's packed decimal format.00480: Sample CONFIG. UTL, DDBuilder, or the ODBC Driver00732: Sample program to convert a Julian date to the numeric week of a year00030: Sample program to load INSERT and DELETE keys00798: Sample Program to Send Mail Messages through PRO/5 Socket00031: Sample programs to load function keys for INPUT, INPUTE, INPUTN verbs00746: SCO Spooler Killing Direct Print Jobs00064: Sending escape codes to a printer by utilizing the BO and EO mnemonics00215: Setting the baud rate and handshaking protocol for an aliased serial device00129: Sharing Violation, Multi-User License Not Recognized on second invocation00055: Shortcut keys in BBx00567: Slave ON and OFF codes for various terminals00075: Slave printer codes for 4309, 4313, 7270, PC-LINK, and other MAI terminals00074: Slave printer codes for ANSI or VT100 terminals00076: Slave printing codes for WYSE 50 & 60 terminals00122: Slow performance with DOS/Novell 386 products00217: Spooled printers and lock files00203: TCB(10)=-25 under Unix00591: TCB(10)=-27 under SCO Unix00225: Termcap entries for NCR and ADDS Viewpoint terminals00826: Termcap entry for Unixware 7 - AT38600227: Termcap for Hewlett Packard 700/9200228: Termcap for Wyse 3000236: The TIM variable reports a different time than the Operating System00253: Tip for using the 'BU' mnemonic00204: Troubleshooting activation problems00230: Troubleshooting printer problems under Unix00050: Troubleshooting startup failures in BBx00307: Troubleshooting TCP/IP connections to the Data Server via the TCP/IP Client or the ODBC Driver00553: Unix operating system parameters that impact PRO/500221: Unix scripts to dynamically assign a FID(0)00190: Unix shell script to automatically assign unique FID(0)'s to Facetterm sessions00057: Unprotecting BBx programs00865: User Defined Functions to return Date of Week from Week Number entered and Week Number from Date Entered00058: Using BBx as a parser with input and output pipes00134: Using environmental variables in the CONFIG.UTL00117: Opening a /dev/lpt printer alias may return an error or the print job disappears00668: Opening a file under Novell may result in an error 18 instead of an error 12 after updating the product, OS, or client kit00377: Error 13 occurs when attempting to edit a line in IO mode00635: Reading a file on a CD returns ERROR=1300188: Error 16, TCB(10)=-46 or -49, under Unix: TCB(10)=--37 under Linux - No Record Locks Available00872: ERROR 16, TCB(10)=-46, on Unix Ware when FLCKREC is maxed00187: Error 16, TCB(10)=17, on an OPEN of a pipe under Unix00560: How to calculate the optimal value of the file's STBLEN parameter00280: Possible causes for a BBx error 1600595: TCB(10)=-4 under DOS, Too Many Open Files00584: Error 17 when trying to load a program00145: Error 17, TCB(10)=-15 or -21, when creating a file00867: Error=17 occurs if the IP Address is used instead of hostname with TCP Client00183: Setting the context for a Novell printer on the nspool alias line00146: Error 18, TCB(10)=-5, when creating files on Novell Net Ware00476: Possible reasons for an ERROR 1800636: Attempting to convert a file in _p4conv causes an Error 200721: Error 2 when reading or writing a file00206: Fine tuning Xenix/Unix00083: Error 26 at line 7060 in BXRCV00820: Error=26 in BXRCV on Line 2140 indicates bad utility set00005: ERROR=29 occurs when trying to send an escape sequence to a printer00056: "ERROR= 30 (BAD PROGRAM)", when trying to run _ddedit.utl00147: List of possible reasons for Error 3000512: Error 33 - How to free up conventional memory in DOS00020: Error 33 loading functions keys with the 'FL' mnemonic00651: ERROR 33 when creating a window via the 'WINDOW' mnemonic00482: ERROR 33 when invoking PRO/5 under UNIX00724: Error 36 Call/Enter Mismatch00042: ERROR=4 (DISK/DEVICE NOT READY) when trying to run the _utility00582: Possible reasons for an ERROR 400519: Possible reasons for an ERROR 4100650: Error 46 when executing a BBx SELECT with a SORTBY clause00007: Error 46, TCB(10)=60, on a SELECT statement00641: Possible cause of an !Error 46 when attempting to write to an MKEYED file00369: PRO/5 SELECT verb fails with an Error 4600478: Error 47 when viewing records in DDEDIT00479: Error 49 when running _DDEDIT00149: Error 60, TCB(10)=30209, 35327, 255, OPENing an nspool printer00537: Error=60, TCB(10)=-1, when OPENing a file on a DOS or Windows platform00813: Error 7's with PRO5 Rev 2.x and higher00109: File corruption under DOS, Windows, Novell00407: Error 77, SQLERR() function returns an empty string00570: ERROR=77 (SQL connect or execution failed).00864: Cannot configure the BBj ODBC driver after install00727: Debug Assertion Error after Installing ODBC Driver Rev 2.0200298: Error -7747 in MS Access00500: Error message with CTL3D32.DLL when installing the ODBC Driver on Windows NT 400406: How to create a Data Source correctly with ODBC Administrator 3.x and higher00571: How to display JULIAN dates in other formats via the ODBC Driver00318: How to ensure that queries via the 1.1 ODBC Driver are optimized for speed00821: How to set ODBC Driver logging levels without using the ODBC Administrator.00319: How to speed up queries in Access via the BASIS ODBC Driver00661: Information on the ODBC code translator option00293: Installation problems with the ODBC driver00873: Invalid Operand error message with ODBC Driver00296: Joins and linking tables via the 1.x ODBC Driver00506: List of reserved words for the 1.1 32-bit ODBC Driver and 1.0 16-bit ODBC Driver00294: Log file types used for ODBC driver diagnostics00511: Microsoft Office 97, ODBC 1.100791: ODBC Driver doesn't uninstall completely when uninstalled.00313: Program samples demonstrating ODBC access from Visual Basic 4, 20: file for 32-bit ODBC Driver, rev 1.100621: for 16-bit ODBC Driver, rev 100710: REV 2.0 ODBC Driver00509: Reserved error (-7778) in Access when connecting to a ODBC data source00494: SQL Date Syntax example for ODBC Driver and SQL Engine00930: Step-by-step instructions for creating a ODBC data source under Windows00725: What the BASIS ODBC Driver 2.02 and Visual PRO/5 2.05 fix00311: When viewing BASIS data from Access, #NAME appears in the field headings and the data is not displayed00771: Which revision of the BASIS ODBC Driver recognizes the new mkeyed filetypes?If you prefer to have the icons present but get tired of the generic names XP assigns, use the following method to easily change to something more personal or interesting.