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Dating a contract

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Knowledge of the current standings often adds excitement to the contest, and can affect the strategies adopted by those in a position to win the event.

In rubber bridge, the place on the score pad (below the main horizontal line) where trick points scored for making a contract, i.e. A commonly used term for the choice of minor suit opening bid with less than four cards, typically in five card major systems.

To prevent a player from making a bid, either by a penalty caused by an irregularity, or because partnership agreement requires a pass in a given situation.

In either case, the player is said to be "barred."In a duplicate event, the posting of contestants' running scores after each round.

A variant of contract bridge for play by one person; alternatively, a means for one to learn or practice the game alone.

Information for each deal is pre-printed on one sheet of paper in a special layout.

tricks bid for and taken exclusive of overtricks, are recorded. In Standard American Yellow Card, it is normal to bid the longer suit with 3 cards in one and two in the other, and 1 with 3-3.

In this sense the term is a misnomer as a poor club suit (e.g.

Its members are players, grouped in regional districts and local units for some purposes. In duplicate bridge, a score awarded by the Director (when empowered by the Laws) in order to redress damage to a non-offending side and to take away any advantage gained by an offending side through an infraction.

The ACBL specifies announcements including "Transfer" for some transfer replies to notrump bids, the point range such as "15 to 17" for an opening bid of one notrump, and "Forcing" or "Semi-forcing" for a 1NT response to a major suit opening bid.

A call is antipositional if it tends to make the "wrong" partner the declarer.

A method of informing the opponents that partner's call carries a meaning they might not expect.

Sponsoring organizations set rules on which calls must be alerted and how; any method of alerting may be authorized, such as saying "Alert", displaying an Alert card from a bidding box, or knocking on the table.