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I didn’t choose this seat for the view, just like I didn’t choose this city for its weather, and I wonder now if I’ve made the wrong decision on both counts.

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The hook up culture tends to give more leeway into rape culture, because men are not getting what they desire if they do not agree to a relationship because girls do not want to ruin their reputation with too many hook ups.

So while college students are impaired by alcohol at the weekend parties and dressed to impress, many find it hard to resist the sexual desires that they see in each other and may act on it without consent of the other.

Some History The whole zodiac system was developed when people beleved that good ole Earth was the center of the universe. Plenty of astrologers have been challenged to provide evidence of whether or not your personality correlates with your birth date. That really confuses the whole, “Am I really a Taurus? You don’t need to have stars be aligned in a certain way for you to ‘have enough courage’ to tell your secret crush how you really feel. I’m pretty sure everyone likes to do those things at one time or another.

As you look around Vanderbilt‘s campus, there is a very strong hook-up culture, and dating is a rare sight to see.

While females are looked at as dirty, or “whores” for having many male hookups so they have to protect their reputation.

This is called the “sexual double standard” in Bogle’s book.

As talked about previously, Bogle states that dating in college is a difficult thing to do, because boys and girls have very different viewpoints on the subject during this time.

People tend to think alcohol makes the parties more fun because they do stuff that they are not willing to do when they are more and partake in more sexual acts. Or do you see it happening around you while you are out on the weekends?

In this case, Vanderbilt is a predominantly white upper class institution and many students are in sororities and fraternities.

For men, being in a fraternity is very appealing for the woman on the college campus, while for men one of the only things that matter to them is looks.

This phenomenon described in “Hooking Up: Sex, Dating, and Relationships on Campus” by Kathleen A. To do her study she chose a random sample of college students and interviewed them in order to get their perspectives of what goes on on the college campus and why they may believe it is happening.

Bogle states that the term “hooking up” has many different meanings throughout the college campus, whether it is considered just kissing and nothing more, or the whole shebang.