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The europeans gained riches upon riches and became the most powerful people in the world through the criminal American way. The problem is that these same european decendents are still gaining the majority of what benefits this country has while the brown races are are still fighting to be equal with the european.The problem is you are already equal but you just don't see it for yourselves which keeps the power in the hands of the europeans. they were in deed thought provoking and true which would be the only reason someone would take them off.It is a part of their culture - the verb is "piropear" in spanish. If men driving around in trucks with lawnmowers approach me when I'm walking. Wow, some of the comments on this post are really sad.

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So its not really fair to say one group deserves to be there more than the other.

A couple of more trips, including one last week, same scenario - Mexicans everywhere. PS: Okay, it's January 11th, 2007 now, and I'm starting to get annoyed at some of ridiculous comments in this thread. I am CHICANO YES I'M PROUD everyone should be proud of who they are but comments like that are uncalled for MEXICANS aren't the only or the first immigrants to this WONDERFUL country .... But it's all good as long as we take it to a well-mannered discussion. Not in a literal sense, but you are really puting us mexicans out.

In response, I'm going to perform a public service. DO THE LAST NAMES COLUMBUS OR AMERIGO RING A BELL ? Americans think they own the world but forget that we only have it on loan and look what we are doing with it .......is a damn website for lizards what does a bunch of MEXICANS have to do with it MEXICANS were here before and will be here after ... Now, immigrants suffer if they have no social security #. They could be looking for a job instead of asking in the streets for easy money.

In one hand you know that if you were in the same place as the mexicans here you'd probably do the same as them to have a better life for you and your family. A little Chinese guy, a little Portugese guy, a little English guy, a little Spaniard guy, a little Japanese guy, a little Korean guy, a little Black guy....the little English guy jumps up real high, sticks his chest out real proud with his turned-up nose in the air and tells God..`Thanks for making me the best of them all!

But on the other hand you know that laws need to be followed to have a prospering nation so I don't really see any solution to this situation. I am the smartest, the prettiest, and all the rest are inferior to me.` This is how God sees it, I am sure.