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Japanese dating new york

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Each e-mail contained a battery of questions that the Web site had yet to cover.

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I bet you’re still wondering, “What about the geeky guys and the cute girls!?

This is, of course, over a year ago, back in Japan. This was before I understood what “nan demo ii” really meant, before I could fully understand all the silent cues.

Even after living in Japan for a year and a half, I still had moments like this; social impasses as I liked to call them. This was before I read the ebook called Understanding Japanese Women.

The e-book takes situations that have left many a Western man furrowing their brow, breaks it down, explains the cultural significance from both the male and female perspective, and then suggests a thought-out way to deal with the situation.

Maybe it’s too late for me since I’m back from Japan now, and those awkward silences in the parking lot with Hitomi are long gone, but Understanding Japanese Women gave me some nostalgic flashbacks as well as a bunch of “ohh, so that’s why! The e-book puts into writing many abstract concepts I tried explaining to my Western friends in America about dating in Japan.