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With its stunning seaside setting and famously challenging championship links course, the Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club at Deal in Kent has a reputation for quality.

Top dressing with sand will have this effect and encourage finer grasses,” explains James.“We decided last year to mine sand from a somewhat unremarkable area of grassland behind one of our tees to create a wetland habitat for wildlife and to save bringing in large quantities of sand at around £45 per tonne,” he continues.

“We hired an excavator and a massive sand screener to separate stone from the sand and we now have sizeable stockpile of 2mm sand for use on the fairways.”“The newly mined sand has presented some challenges,” says James, “but Lister Wilder has been there to help us every step of the way, even bringing in the designer of the DS3800 from Germany to ensure we could use our wet sand effectively.

The Rink DS3800 broadcast top dresser, manufactured in Germany and distributed in the UK by Charterhouse, has dual spinners producing a spreading width of up to 12m.

Its 0.8 m3 hopper is designed to manage different grades of dressing material, from fine, dry sand to coarser, wet material – its shallow configuration helping to combat bridging and sticking.

He implemented a modification to the hopper, adding vibrators on each side, to help move the wet material down.

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Executive Producers are Sally Wainwright, Faith Penhale for Lookout Point and Piers Wenger for BBC One.Below ground, it is a course with two distinct characters – free draining chalk beneath large areas but heavy clay elsewhere.Keeping the much trafficked surface areas of its greens and tees all looking uniformly excellent 52 weeks of the modern golfing year is a testing challenge for Course Manager Matt Aplin and his team.We also have a conveyor that is easily attached to the hopper which also makes short work of replacing sand in the bunkers.”Having been impressed by the performance of the DS3800 on greens and tees, James and his team are now setting about improving the fairways by top dressing with sand extracted right there on the course.“Our fairways have never had sand on them and some are more productive than we would like, lying low near the water table.To create hard, fast links fairways we need to tighten up the top 20mm.The series will start filming in Yorkshire next year.