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She took him in but later gave him to her mother to look after.

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"They can’t turn their arms into tree trunks in two months," Swann says.

"The hormone levels aren’t the same even if they’re using supplementation, eating right, and training the same as a younger guy." You might find solace knowing there’s practically no one who doesn’t get them.

But there’s nothing particular to cocoa butter that makes it better than any other moisturizer.

Hydrated skin may hold up better against stretch marks since dry skin is less elastic, but it's not a foolproof plan.

"The bulk is crazy, they’re eating like a horse, they’re growing fast and you just can’t believe how big they’re getting," Swann says.

That's because being well-rounded is key to preventing stretch marks in the first place, or preventing more from showing up.You started an intensive weightlifting program to pack on pounds of muscle in a month.Halfway through though you notice red, sometimes purple, lines streaking across your pecs and at the apex of your armpit and biceps.But it’s not because of the vitamin E; it’s the oil," Swann says.Keeping dry air away from a wound is just as helpful as using Vitamin E.Guys who are more at risk are the ones everybody envies in the gym (until they get stretch marks, that is): rapid growers.