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Unlike Stock Ales that were brewed for the purpose of blending, Barley Wines were brewed to be consumed without blending.
Entries are limited to examples of female rubber masks. British thriller ends with Ann Ballard (Jenny Agutter) taking off an incredibly realistic mask and wig of Jean Simmons without the usual cutaway shot. Later in the movie Ashley Laurence, who is battling Clare, finds her skin somewhere in the other dimension, and puts it on like a mask to fool the creatures who are trapped there. (review by "Covered") Hell Squad (1985) A grade-B action-adventure film about a group of female mercenaries who rescue the kidnapped son of a United States ambassador in the Middle East.

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A decadent, rich cake with Maui Vanilla Creme Anglaise and Kona Espresso Ice Cream is definitely worth the trip for a Hawaiian-tinged, gooey dessert.In Florida, nachos get amped up and become Dessert Nachos.California is representing with the Cococarma, a coconut, caramel, ice cream skillet cookie.

First up, South Carolina for local fish, shrimp and crab cakes that are battered and crisped for the perfect Fried Seafood Platter.

In Arizona, Katie Lee joins a local chef to grill up a striper.

In Florida, Katie finds Grilled Mango Jerk Chicken.

Life is too short for food to be boring, which is why Katie Lee is on the hunt for dishes and restaurants that are off the beaten path. C where she is introduced to the Peanut Butter and Jelly Burger. C Katie is treated to the unexpected at a sushi restaurant when she tries the Fried Chicken Sushi Roll.

Wanting to step further outside of the box, Katie strikes gold in Hawaii with the Mac & Cheese Pancakes and Pho-Strami, a Vietnamese spin on the East Coast classic deli sandwich.