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Users should not assume that this data provides a complete or accurate history of any persons criminal history.

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Additionally, announcements and updates are posted on the MMIS web page.You can access any MMIS-related announcements directly at Please wait 15 minutes and try logging in again.Your user ID and password will appear on the screen and a confirmation e-mail with registration instructions will be sent to the e-mail address you provide.While this user ID and password will enable you to complete your application, full access to the POSC will be given only after you have been approved for participation in Mass Health.Additionally, the HIPAA privacy guidelines are followed while data is accessed.

Mass Health should be notified of any event, such as the termination of its relationship with a previously authorized Primary User.Other POSC users will not be able to view your information unless your systems administrator (Primary User) gives him or her access to your information by selecting the Administer Account function on the POSC.The Commonwealth of Massachusetts recognizes the importance of protecting the information entrusted to us.Some providers have found this information routed to their spam or junk e-mail folder.Check alternative sources to see if this information was inadvertently misrouted to such a folder.Please contact the Primary User (account administrator) within your organization.