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Something so simple that my mother said, so benign and innocent, so obvious, released a trigger in me.“Makeup is meant to enhance the natural beauty of a woman, Leandra, so, really, why wouldn’t you use it?”I contemplated her question for a moment but frankly, the answer is simple. I’m not trying to act like the most extreme, hyper-literal and violent version of a man repeller.It all started when the founder of a website, who I had just recently met, cc’ed me on an e-mail correspondence with his assistant.

guest stars: Dan Hedaya (Ralph Macafee), David Caruso (Shamrock), Bobby Ellerbee (Blood), Art Evans (driver #2), David Moody (driver #1), Nick Savage (bald-headed pickpocket), Jonathan Dasteel (Lamonica), Gary Van Orman (Sneed), John Brandon (Lt.Emotional fallout from their shooting prompts Hill and Renko to briefly consider splitting up.Belker agrees to a blind date at his mother's urging, proving a source of amusement to his collar, the bald pickpocket.I also read somewhere that if you sleep with mascara on your lashes they are 70% more likely to fall out so as far as I’m concerned, maintaining real lashes that aren’t quite as plump as they can be is ten times more compelling than having none at all. I have accepted the reflection that reliably bounces back at me for its perks and its flaws.More important than that though, I am comfortable with how I look. I understand that there are thick, dark circles under my eyes. I have noticed that my nose grows a little hookier on a near-monthly basis. I know there are wrinkles ready to stake their claim as full time residents on my forehead any moment now. My eyes will never be blue, my bone structure will never allow for you to mistake me for a Scandinavian model.The news prompts a summit with gang leaders that nearly turns sour thanks to the smug presidential press secretary.