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Screenupdating excel

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There are several known methods for measuring VBA code execution time.

The Performance Module of the VBA Time Saver contains at least 2 methods for measuring execution time as well as other way for Improving VBA Performance.

This will force you to explicitly declare the types of your variables.

VBA is a dynamic typed language therefore you do not normally have to declare the type of your variable or declare variables in that matter.

Option Explicit Sub Optimize VBA(is On As Boolean) Application. Display Page Breaks = Not(is On) End Sub 'Some macro Sub Example Macro() Optimize VBA True 'Your code here Optimize VBA False End Sub Turning Screen Updating and Calculations off although improves VBA performance can sometimes causes some issues.

Calculation = IIf(is On, xl Calculation Manual, xl Calculation Automatic) Application. In case calculations are turned off do not expect that Excel with recalculate its formulas based on any changes made to your Worksheets.

This all works fine until you start working in several excel files simultaneously: the ribbon etc. Is it possible to limit the effects of the code to this single workbook in the VBA code itself?

Use: Use the With…End Clause when working with Object such as Ranges, Worksheets, Workbooks, Collections etc.There is also a hack to Create an Additional VBA Thread.The Performance Module contains: Are you sure you need VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) to solve your problem? Check out my Do you really need Visual Basic for Applications macro for that?article to make sure you aren’t wasting your time writing VBA macros for something available as a feature in Excel.When the file is closed it turns the aforementioned back on. Display Workbook Tabs = False End Sub Private Sub Workbook_Before Close(Cancel As Boolean) Application. Workbook_Activate & Workbook_Deactivate looked promising, but can't get it to work.