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Professor Joffe was Alia Brahimi's thesis examiner.

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Lambert hunts too – she just went turkey hunting the other day – but to hear Shelton tell it, this may be more about just being outdoors than actually shooting animals. "Mostly she's on Twitter or reading books on her i Pad." Drink in hand, Lambert heads out to the patio, which overlooks a little trickle of a stream called Pennington Creek. "It took six hours." Supposedly there are fish in it – bass and crappie – but after casting her rod and reel a few times, Lambert gets no bites. One of her friends jokes that she should open a bait shop. In the window of Houser Furniture ("City Style at Small Town Prices"), there's a handwritten note on a sheet of green poster board inviting customers to come in and browse, with a phone number below in case you want to buy anything. "I never even lock my car."We pop into Lambert's boutique, a clothing-and-souvenir store called the Pink Pistol.

"I'm constantly having to tell her, ' Shh! Lambert talks a mile a minute and loves telling stories, especially when her mom is around to egg her on. there was a leak in the fridge and they had to replace the floor, so our huge, industrial-size stainless-steel refrigerator is now in the dining room. (Rated the number-one attraction in Tishomingo on Trip Advisor!

But it's not who I am every day." Although she's logged four platinum albums and as much TV time as a lot of pop stars, she prefers to pass her days ankle-deep in horse shit in a down-home fantasy of her own creation.

It's an almost clichéd version of the perfect country life – made considerably more charming by the fact that it actually seems to be true.

"We're probably gonna close it and lock it at midnight, though," she says.'" Lambert says that before she opened the store, in 2012, she wasn't completely sold on Tishomingo: "When I first moved here, I was 23. Now I have my little thing, and all the girls are my friends.""The girls" are Lambert's nine employees, all of them women.Sometimes she'll take them on a field trip for some team bonding: They call them "Randatory Fun Days." ("I didn't coin that," she says."It'd be really corny if I did.") A few months ago, Lambert rented a party bus and drove all of them to Dallas to do some "inspiration shopping"; before that, they took a class to get their concealed-handgun permits."We're planning another one right now – maybe to a horse track," Lambert says.It's a warm spring evening in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, and nothing is happening whatsoever. The local community college just hired a new women's basketball coach (Go, Lady Aggies! A local man died after crashing his Ford F-150 into a freight train.