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My one of a kind sculptures satisfy an obsession with the tactile as they reveal light, space, and the concept of duality.

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He had dreams of being a doctor and has just gotten his letter of acceptance to med school.Hailey was a single mom with a preschooler who is just returning back to school for med school. we learn from flashbacks that Hailey and Wyatt went to high school together but he never noticed her since he was a star jock and she was a nerdy bookworm.

The book does come with a HEA, but you will need to find out if it’s the one you want.

As a medic in the Army, I was the one they counted on. It tells us the story of Hailey and Wyatt, they started out as a great college couple, but life got in the way, Wyatt’s dad is tragically taken and this causes Wyatt to react badly and run away, he leaves Hailey alone and with a surprise that he finds out about some years later.

She treats me like the enemy, can’t say I blame her. This is a second chance romance that is a standalone read.

This is a second chance romance that is a standalone read.

The issues arise with how he reacts to the news, after his time in war he is a changed man Doctor’s Orders by Nicole Elliot and Ellie Wild a fab four-star read.