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7) The Privacy Factor At both The Mall Tavern and Beaufort House, Table8 booked a table in a private room, so we were the only diners.

This definitely helped make things more raucous, and inclusive, as it was easier to have a conversation involving half the table, because you could all hear eachother.

😉 3) The Price It is an event pitched at single professionals.

The average cost of a Table8 dinner (including half a bottle of wine) is £55, which already determines the type of singletons keen to attend.

2) Locations As you know, I’m not a resident Londoner, but both The Coincidental and Miss 32 have assured me that the area of town is key.

Table8 offer dinners all around the capital, and the type of daters the evenings attract differ according to the geographical part of town.

Set on Thursday and Friday evenings, people are a lot more relaxed at the Table8 dinners because they can let their hair down and drink, safe in the knowledge that at most they only have one more working day morning to get through that week.

Genuinely, of the ten or so speed dating events I went to last year, ever single one was full of socially awkward men who wouldn’t talk to women in real life.At Caravan, I think the conversations were smaller because we were in the middle of a crowded restaurant.8) No Forced Structure Unlike most singles events, there is no ‘forced fun’ element.One of the things I like to pride 30 Dates on is our honesty. Buying Someone A Drink in a Bar And last night didn’t disappoint. So far every night I’ve been to has been a success in some way – The Fun Side of London Table for Two?6) The Round Robin Formula Everyone sits boy-girl-boy-girl around the table, and the boys move spaces every course.