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POP Coverage on Ka band: Note: POP Protection on K band is incompatible with Traffic Monitor Filter. All in, I'm close to a grand and the site tells me another 200 will get me the latest. Ive always used this brand so unable to compare to Valentine.

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Extended Serial Protocol (ESP) enables two-way communication with SAVVY and V1connection. PRICE: 9 plus shipping I've upgraded several times, fixed it, and been changed once.

Older units (version 1.6) that did not have laser detection look like this: On this Valentine One (version 1.6), you can see that there are no radar band markings or even LIDAR (L) markings.

You can notice the laser detection diode on the bottom right corner of the 1.7 unit, this was later relocated next to the volume knob on the 1.8’s.

*One-year limited warranty starting at upgrade date, same as new units.

-- Upgrade to V1.85: As soon as we receive your old unit (in operable condition with no tampering of the serial number) we'll replace two circuit boards and install revised firmware, then return it to you in the shortest possible time with a new serial number to indicate its revised capability.