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I have a good heart and I can treat you well, I hope you could do the same for me. I am looking for that special someone who shares with me a great love for our precious Lord.
This is work, and you’ll find out quickly why no one would ever drink ayahuasca as a recreational drug (one reason why it’s so ridiculous that it’s illegal in North America and many other places).

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Jenna is unhappily married, squirreling away money, and hoping to win a pie-baking contest so, with the prize money, she'll have enough cash to leave her husband Earl.She finds herself pregnant, which throws her plans awry.It's an experience – more like seeing a play or movie.Don't get overwhelmed when your partner harshly judges a server for not filling your water glass when it's been empty for over a minute.But from this film alone, I can see what a remarkable writer, director, and actress she was.

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The color changes could be do to lighting, but more than likely they are different shirts. This is a tiny, little story with a big heart shaped pie.

From daily foot massages, to scary restaurant dreams, here are the 10 things you should know before you get in the weeds with that special someone.

Holidays, birthdays, weekends — your partner will definitely work some of them, if not all of them. Monday-night date night may very well be the new norm. Front-of-house or back-of-house — your partner will be on their feet for most of their long work day.

Forget flowers or making them a home-cooked meal — the nicest thing you can possibly do for your partner is rub their feet when they get home.

Don't even think about bringing your dull knife to their home for that cute dinner you guys wanted to make together; that's a slap in the face.